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Fiskå skole deltar i et spennende internasjonalt prosjekt. Les mer om dette her:"The one decisive that affects learner behavior is not the curriculum, nor the textbook, nor the method of instruction, nor any organizational arrangement, it's the person of the teacher' (Andy Hargreaves 1994). In this school-oriented school partnership we aim to improve well-being and motivation of teachers and technicians by stimulating optimism, team teaching and strength based teaching. To reach those goals we will make use of 'The World Book of Happiness' written by Leo Bormans and 'Discover your strengths' by Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton as a guidance action.Not everybody is optimistic by nature but everybody can learn it. Optimistic teachers and technicians are more motivated persons and that will make them better teachers and technicians. To be aware of your strengths, willing to share  them with colleagues and improve them, will help the school as an organization to, step by step forward. Focusing on using strengths and promoting the yellow hat (the positive hat; the opportunities! (De Bono)) will make the teachers happier in their job and their life in general. The fact that we will work with teachers and technicians of pre-primary, primary, special education and secondary is a challenge. Can you imagine: whistling to school in Europe... every day!