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Dear KIS community,

The students in PYP 5 and MYP 5 have been working exceptionally hard this year to demonstrate their mastery of the programs. On Friday the 12th May the students will be presenting their efforts for you to enjoy and immerse yourselves in. You are invited to KIS @ 17:00pm for a dual learning celebration. The evening will begin in the amfi and continue in assigned rooms in the PYP and MYP sections. The students look forward to you joining them and sharing the spoils of their hard work. 

Dear parents,

This week the PYP's student facilitated Ms. Ford in taking Meaningful action. Their participation in the obstacle course held during the PSPE classes robbery by the ever helpful Mrs. Emery Helped two raise funds for the Children's Miracle Network Hospital. The funds raised will go to assist children in need of medical attention and support medical research. Ms. Ford will be running in the Disney Princess Marathon. KIS would like to thank all parents and students two Their contributions. It is Important for our students two experience real life examples of action.

Thursday 13th October we celebrated the important work our playground buddies do for our school community.

Thursday 29th of September the MYP 5 students participated in a workshop arranged by "Den kulturelle skolesekken". The workshop took place at the shelter in Lund and at Arkivet.