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mai 2016
Oversett siden til et annet språk
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We enjoyed the 17 May parade.

A fantastic day of fun and inquiry!

On 15/04/16 Friday, the Fair trade exhibition group did a Movie night in the school . We had a variety of items/activities that we presented. We had : Snacks , A presentation and a Quiz ( Kahoot ). It was a great two hours of education and fun ! We earned 1380 kr all together , and after giving the money to Yadgar, Amina and me jasmine we had 730 kr left. Synne wanted to leave the money and help us make the school more fair trade. The PYP's enjoyed the movie night and had a lot of healthy snacks , most of the snacks were Fair Trade and if we couldn't get it fair trade then we got it organic. We were proud after the two hour movie night and the amount of money we earned was surprising. We were proud of the winner of the Kahoot. They were Isidora, Florian, Issam, Pragan, Rastus and Karl. They earned 3 fair trade chocolate bar and 3 organic chocolate medals. We were left with 730 kr which we are going to give to the school. The school can choose what they want to spend the money on.

Mr Hackney

PYP 5 Homeroom Teacher

Skype session on Monday, 11 April 2016 at 9:00 - 9:15 ( = 14:00 - 14:15 Indonesia time) with Penabur International School. The students of Penabur International School are presenting their exhibition where KIS students can ask follow up questions to help thier own exhibition journey.
Mr Hackney

PYP 5 Homeroom Teacher