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About Us

The school's web site is currently under redevelopment, so please check back in a few weeks. To see what we do on a day to day basis, please search for us on Facebook, or contact the school directly to get more information.

Kristiansand International School (KIS) opened in January 2008 with just five teachers and 15 students. The school was founded to serve the needs of the international business community in Kristiansand, as the flourishing businesses in and around Kristiansand attract engineers and professionals from around the world in sectors including the oil, chemical, renewable energy and education industries. In the years since the school opened, KIS has expanded and now offers an international education to around almost 200 students from more than 30 countries, with 28 staff members representing 9 countries.
The school offers an international education from 1st to 10th grade, following the curricula and philosophy of the International Baccalaureate (IB), and was authorised to offer both the Primary Years Programme (PYP) and the Middle Years Programme (MYP) in 2011. All learning at the school follows the philosophy and practices of the IB, although the school also pays due attention to the learning outcomes of the Norwegian National Curriculum as guidance, although our students receive less instruction in Norwegian than they would in a Norwegian public school.
Places at the school are prioritised for international families in line with the school’s terms and conditions and admissions policy. The school was initially opened as a state or public school, but is now a private school under section 2:12 of Norway’s Education Act. The school is owned by Stiftelsen (foundation) Kristiansand International School, but fees are very low, thanks to generous support from both Kristiansand Kommune (Council) and various companies who sponsor the school’s foundation.
Kristiansand International School Mission Statement:
Kristiansand International School aims to provide an engaging learning environment for international students in Kristiansand and the surrounding region. A committed team of knowledgeable and dedicated practitioners works to provide a safe and nurturing environment where student-centred education facilitates the development of international mindedness. We prepare our students for the challenges of an interconnected world by fostering a passion for learning now and into the future.