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april 2017
Værvarsel fra, levert av NRK og Meteorologisk institutt
Kommunen arrangerer for første gang forskjellige sommerkurs for skoleelever.

Onsdag 26 april hadde 5, 6 og 7 trinn engelskdag. 

  Jasmin and Erlend said welcome to everyone.   “Welcome everybody to a special day where the usual language is taken away. Welcome to you who haven’t been here before, welcome to you who know something more. The ordinary Wednesday and lessons are gone, now there is an English day going on. Today you will walk around the different stations, with exercises and variations. Reading, watching, drawing, singing, acting, shopping, asking and listening. And when there is something you want to say, remember, you have to speak English all day, whatever it takes except for the breaks. Everytime you go out and play you can choose on your own what to say, but after the break, it’s back to the same. If you forget, you have yourself to blame, and you must go to the wall of shame. You will find a poster on a wall,  you see the riddle and read it all. Well, that’s what you do to get a new chance, maybe someone is happy they don’t have to dance. In the middle of the day we’ll have a nice cup of tea That’s very nice for you and me. So come on everyone and give it a try, do your best and keep the spirit high. Help each other on the way, welcome to the English day.”




5. trinn hadde regien for en deilig påminnelse om at våren har kommet.

Når leseuka nå nærmer seg slutten, er det i visshet om at det har vært en sann glede for både lærere og elever.

Da var månedens sosiale trinn for februar kåret.

Strømme skole har valgt ut sine kandidater til årets 17. mai-tegning.

Skolen fikk glede av 2. trinns vintersamling torsdagen før vinterferien.