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Postadresse: Aspervika skole postboks 583 4302 Sandnes
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About Aspervika

In addition of being a ordinary primary school, Aspervika skole is a school for minority language pupils at compulsory school age. About 35-40% of the pupils at the school has a multilingual background.The length of the introduction program is up to one year. After this year the pupil starts in his or her ordinary class, at the school near the pupil’s home. The aim for the pupil is to master the Norwegian language at such level  that he or she can follow the ordinary teaching.

We think it is important that everyone is feeling good at the school. The pupils are being taught in mathematics, physical education (including swimming) and themes (like seasons, clothing, the body, animals, occupations and geography). The oldest pupils do also learn some English.It’s important to come to school every day. When a pupil is absent, it is important that the school is informed. Then please send a SMS (text message) to 59 44 66 53

 All the pupils need to bring food. Milk can be order at the school and fruits at We need a good cooperation with the parents, and twice a year we will call for a meeting. If necessary, there will be an interpreter at the meeting. Before the pupil starts at a new school, we will contact the school where the pupil will continue. We will go and visit the new class so that the pupil will learn to know his or her new classmates. Day schedule  Every school day starts at 8.15 a.m. The week schedule will be handed out in the class. Some days the pupils will be longer at school, to complement the total number of lessons. These days there will be excursions, like visiting museums or go skiing. This information will be give in advance. We will also make you aware that those days are a part of the compulsory teaching programme at the school.  If there are any questions, you are always welcome to contact the form masters, milieu teacher Torhild Nødland or deputy head Gisle Helbæk. Phone, reception: 51 97 37 10, Phone, teachers: 51 97 37 21